The Nerve Surgery Centre was founded by Mr. Tomas Madura to provide exceptional quality healthcare for anyone who suffers from pain and paralysis associated with a peripheral nerve problem in the hand and elsewhere in the body.

Mr. Madura is a fully trained consultant plastic, hand and peripheral nerve surgeon with a vast experience in the nerve surgery and microsurgery fields who has been throughout his career involved in innovation and research in his specialty.

The success of the treatment at The Nerve Surgery Centre relies on bringing together specialists from all the fields involved in diagnosing and treating nerve-related conditions to provide excellence and innovation to our patients.

The care at the Centre is consultant-led every step of the way and is arranged in the most flexible and cost-effective way that exceeds patient expectations.

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Our approach focuses on identifying the source of the problem and finding the best possible lasting treatment with the input of our multidisciplinary team, consisting of leading experts in their respective fields.

  • During your consultation we will take a thorough history of the problem including any previous treatment as well as review your medical history.

  • We will conduct physical and neurological examination.

  • Depending on the findings, further tests might be needed to elucidate the problem, such as neurophysiological tests, imaging by ultrasound and MRI and diagnostic nerve blocks.

  • Surgical treatment will be arranged at the earliest convenient date for you with no waiting lists or long delays.

  • Targeted course of physiotherapy will be delivered after the surgery as an integral part of your treatment to expedite your return to normal life.

  • For conditions associated with pain, a bespoke pain management protocol will be formulated by our pain specialist.

  • The course of treatment will be discussed with you in detail before and during the course of your care.


The Nerve Surgery Centre